Are you a Bridezilla? 😉




My Name's Andy.

I'm a tattooed Reverend, with an English accent.

(cue singing angels ... “aaaaaah”)


Sort of like your poor mans David Beckham, meets the Exorcist ... and Four Weddings ... or something?


I'm a Husband and a Dad;

During the week I work for a Municipal government,

At the weekend I help happy couples get hitched ...

might as well call me a super hero.


the bloke likes:

My Family, Food, Beer, Wine, Pina colada’s, People Watching, vacations, Tattoos, Design stuff, Bloke Stuff, donuts, Builders Tea, Vikings (Team Ragnar), bloke Shopping, bloke TV Shows, Documentaries, Paranormal Stuff, Conspiracy Theories, the office, soccer (Footy), Some music, napping, and Palm Springs.


skills mate.

  • 70%


  • 85%


  • 65%

    dad jokes

  • 100%



The wedding bloke experience


How I can help you:

• A banter filled consultation (in person if possible, but virtual if not).

• A legalized ceremony, in which you will leave a married couple.

• My participation wherever you choose for your ceremony (a Church, cage diving with sharks etc.).


• a choice between Two styles of ceremony (1. Spiritual or 2. we’re Not spiritual at all, but thanks).

• Both styles include… me sharing some of your love story, a modern message about marriage, and all the usual ceremony essentials.

• The administration of your marriage (filing your paperwork with the BC Government-post ceremony).